Worked with the incredibly talented team at Epic Shepherd, as an After Effects compositor on this groundbreaking Super Bowl ad.

I worked with the client to write the script and develop a style that both fit their brand guidelines as well as stood out from their previous work. I also animated and edited the piece start to finish.

Pitched multiple creative concepts to the client that represented the depth of talent involved in the creation of The Guru Garanth Sahib Project in different ways. The client chose this concept based on the strong brand representation for the main project marketing asset. I also animated and completed the audio design for the piece, start to finish.

I edited this music video as well as designed and animated the opening motion graphics.

I was responsible for creating an entire show identity. I designed and animated all of the graphic elements, including the show logo, IDs, transitions, green screen backgrounds, chapter titles, sports science graphics, and the end page. I also did the sound design for the opening title sequence.

video edit by: mike hendry, tucker greene, and scott fields. audio mix by: leandro pereira

I took the time to fully understand the techniques described in the video and translated the information about this athlete through motion graphics. I conceptualized, designed, and animated all of the graphics that tell this story. 

video edit by: steven knight

Designed a fresh look for the show with a new show logo, opening title sequence, and lower thirds. Also created an easy to use template for editors to use within Adobe Premiere in order to save time in the editing process.

produced by: alex adeyanju and anthony petosa

I worked with the producer to develop a show look that incorporated story text into the show environment, as well as the show open, logo, and IDs.

produced by: adam condal

This was a fun Halloween themed project. I designed an online show graphics package, including the show open, IDs, transitions, and end page used in this promo as well. 

produced by: adam taylor video edit by: justin camputaro audio mix by: leandro pereira

I was on set motion design director as well as post-production creative director for this video.

produced & directed by: mike hendry and oscar gonzalez video edit by: mike hendry and oscar gonzalez

This digital signage was unique in that it was the only gaming room like it in the world. My team at alpha video creative and I worked closely with the client to meet their specific needs. I was creative director and lead designer on the project.

creative team: adam celt, katie johanson

Creative Art Direction & Collaboration
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