I have spent most of my career developing motion graphics, editing, and compositing visual effects (fulfilling the roles of creative & art director as well as designer) across nearly every vertical. I have worked in broadcast advertising, digital signage marketing, online video content marketing, video training, social media, corporate communications, website design and interactive media.
After 15 years of making cool stuff, I have come to realize that my passion is really in asking questions like, “With whom are we talking? How are we talking with them? For example, is it through a website, social media, a streaming platform, broadcast, or a billboard in Times Square? What are the cultural and physical environments in which our audience is consuming our brand messaging? Why did we choose this group of people over another group of people?” in order to design content that really resonates with the audience and moves them to action. Throughout my entire career, I have asked questions like this while working with clients, executive management, marketing and brand departments for everything from social media posts, to immersive digital signage experiences.
In fact, I have a unique passion (geekdom if you will) and understanding for how design psychology affects our communication and influences design. Whether we are choosing colors and shapes or writing tagline and copy, communicating effectively through boundary pushing creative always comes back to the smallest, most powerful question in the English language… WHY?
If you want to learn more about me, and how I view the creative world, please check out my creative blog.
Amanda Heck

An empathetic, passionate, strategic problem solver.

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